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Award-winning and handmade with love

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Welcome to Rose Cottage Country Kitchen

The Highlands of Scotland is noted for its fine produce and we make the most of its bounty.

At Rose Cottage Country Kitchen we hand make our award-winning range of home made Scottish jams, jellies, marmalades, chutneys, relishes and other preserves in small batches in open pans - just as you would do for yourself.

No artificial ingredients or cheap fillers are added.

We use the finest local produce wherever possible and for those ingredients we are unable to source here in the Highlands of Scotland, such as citrus, we buy from small, independent suppliers.

Some ingredients such as rhubarb, apples, and plums are grown in the garden here at Rose Cottage, although we don't have enough to keep our customers supplied year-round, so we top up from local farms.

In the autumn the hedgerows abound with brambles, rosehips, rowans and elderberries, which feature in our jellies.

Even the fruit for Rose Cottage Country Kitchen's quince jelly comes from a garden in Nairn, in the Scottish Highlands. As well as using good, old fashioned fruit-filled recipes, many of our products have been developed right here at Rose Cottage. Very berry jam, hedgerow jelly, crofters' chutney, Nairnshire sauce and summer fruit jam are just a few examples of recipes created by ourselves.

In addition we produce a range of clooties and shortbread as well as rich fruit cakes.

Home made preserves, good, old fashioned home baking - it's real cooking from a real country kitchen!

Please ensure that you have read and agree to our terms and conditions before placing an order.Here at Rose Cottage Country Kitchen we hand make all our preserves in small batches to preserve quality and flavour. We use local produce wherever it is grown and no artificial ingredients are added. Read more on our 'About' page.

NEWS - in the 2020 Marmalade Awards we received a fantastic five silvers and a bronze for our handmade marmalades. Silvers were for Seville orange, malt whisky, Drambuie, three ginger and orange & ginger while bronze went to our chocolate & orange marmalade.

NEWS - Another batch of awards to add to our success. In the 2018 Marmalade Awards we received Silver for Chocolate Orange marmalade; Bronze for Orange marmalade with Calvados as well as Pomelo & Orange marmalade with Vodka; Highly Commended were Orange marmalade with Cranberries and Drambuie as well as Orange Marmalade with Whisky and Ginger.

Award-winning and handmade with love

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